This is my pretend podcast - a safe place to vent

Episode One - Whey succeed when you can fail?

Now that I’m doing this, I almost don’t know what to say. So, let’s start by why I am doing this.

Why? Well I need a safe place to vent. My website might not be the safest place.

Why? Because I always feel like I’m all alone. Maybe I’m not and somebody will read this and go there’s two of us we can make it. Maybe…


They say fear of success in a real thing. I don’t argue with the they’s of the world because they’re probably onto something. I do wonder what about us, the ones who work our fingers to the bone, but seem to get nowhere.

Reasons to fail.

  1. My car died on a hill and my braked stopped working
  2. My daughter put a dent in a boy’s car. The judge threw book at her. Didn’t matter what he did to provoke her. (Side note: Vengeance is mine says the lord. The Lord didn’t lie)
  3. The banister in my extremely steep and deadly staircase broke
  4. With my summer from hell we didn’t get my child into her second year of college this fall
  5. They canceled her ins.
  6. The doctors have given me a run around on her diagnosis
  7. The medicine I take isn’t helping me
  8. Headaches are now a everyday thing
  9. The house is falling down around my ears
  10. My computer died
  11. Had to buy one with money I didn’t have
  12. My new computer did. Had to reload windows 10 on it
  13. I’m going to stop there. Let’s call that the highlight reel. All of this happened in roughly two months and I could go on. I didn’t really get into physical issues but yeah, I’ve plenty of those too.


The thing about the need to give up is that usually not the big things that drive us to think that way. It’s the little things that eat at our self-control, our desires, out image of ourselves, and our ability. The steady hand becomes unsteady, the graceful feet falter. Doubt, worry, and disbelief in ourselves tank our desire to succeed more than any words coming from the outside. Maybe you’re like me. Every time you see daylight something happens to drag you back under. Hold on tight, you can do it.


One year my daughter took a set of playing cards and made them into a little book. The title: 52 Things I love about you.

  1. Your persistence
  2. Your strong will
  3. Your need to give

Those may be three of the reasons I don’t give up.