Three days of playing had loosened her up. She was better at sucking cock. Her face got hot just thinking about it, but her pussy got wet with the same thoughts. Norquay had taught her just how sensitive her pussy and clit were. Still, they hadn’t done the deed. The insert tab A into slot B deed. She was going crazy wanting it. It was building up in her head and she didn’t think that was good. Performance anxiety, anyone? She also wanted to do it before Teak came home. How strange would that be for her first time to think she had an audience? Other than those things, this was feeling like the honeymoon she never anticipated.

“Breakfast in bed, madam.” Norquay was standing there with a tray will full of food.

“Teak taught you how to cook, didn’t he?”

“Guilty as charged.” He sat the tray down before joining her. There were fluffy eggs, toast, and sausage along with orange juice and coffee. Good thing she was starving.

They ate, feeding each other, and trading kisses.

“I guess we should get up.” Red stretched, she was stuffed and happy. She still didn’t know if tab A was going to fit into slot B, but she had learned much to her pleasure that she could take several fingers. “I need a shower.” Leaning over she gave him another kiss before seeking hot water.

Could her life get any better? She didn’t think so, she was living in a fairy tale. She was her own Sleeping Beauty comes to life or maybe Cinderella. It didn’t matter this was now her life, and she loved it.

Her phone was ringing when she got out of the shower. There were times she thought it sounded like a flock of angry birds, not to be confused with the game. She picked it up to see General Murray’s name. Wrapping the towel securely, she answered.


“Juliette, it has come to my attention that your mother was taken to the hospital two days ago. Your father took her home against doctor recommendations. He stated he wanted here to die at home.”

She dropped the phone not caring if she forgot to hang up. Walking to the closet, she came up with a plan.


“I have some business to attend to you. You need to stay here for plausible deniability.” She left Norquay staring at her.

The queen and Em were sitting on the couch when she came into the living room.

“What are you doing here?” She was speaking to her queen a small part of her brain told her. “My queen, I have no time to waste.”

“Then we should leave.”

“You can’t…”

“I can’t what? Leave your mother in the hands of a lunatic? If it were my mother would you turn your back on her?”

“No, my queen.”

“Then why should I, simply because it’s your mom? Can the ‘my queen’ stuff. I don’t know how long we have.”


“Friend’s don’t let other friend’s moms die when they can do something about it.”

That was it the three of them hurried out to the car. Red slid into the driver’s seat.

“The guys are just letting us leave?”

Jade reached over playing with a few buttons. “That blip is Lyrek, Jaydel, and Norquay. The blimp behind them is security. Your mother is in jeopardy, they’re not going to argue with us. They will make sure we are safe.”


“When you became one of us, so did your mother.”

“My father, her husband, has a right, the right to keep us out.”

“Did you know that when you file for a divorce the other party has thirty days to respond? If they don’t, you can get a divorce by default.”

“No?” What did divorce have to do with anything?

“Seems your mother did. She’s been divorced for six months. I assume, no way to know for sure that when your father was served, he threw away the papers and beat your mother. I do that she paid the lawyer to proceed no matter what happened up to and including death. No idea where she got the money.”

Red knew where the money came from. If she got a direct deposit in her bank account part of it automatically went to the account, she set up for her mother. She owed the queen more than she realized for keeping the money flowing to her account.

“I don’t want to know where the money came from. Your mother is a free woman. I suspect the only thing she lacked was a way to freedom.”

Red nodded; if one word came from her mouth, she’d choke on her tears. They were flying, it was the only way to get there in a relatively short time frame. She was pushing the speed limit for the air. Usually, she took her time, but now she needed to lay eyes on her mom.

They went into stealth mode several times avoiding military personal who were up in the air. She didn’t want to add to the UFO sightings. She put the car down when they were on the outskirts of the town, she used to live in. It was a beautiful place if she could look at it with unbiased eyes. The trees were covered in a layer of white. Which was unusual because it rarely snowed here. The sidewalks were free of trash and the houses were nice, even if they were a little cookie cutter. It was the rot underneath that made you hold your breath and run for freedom.

Douchebag Matthew was sitting on the porch waiting for her.

“Hell was too hot for you?”

“I knew you were coming. I see you brought two of your slovenly friends with you. Can they suck dick?”

“Are you really going to trade insults with him? Our mother might be dying.”

Truer words had ever been spoken. She walked onto the porch ignoring him. Her mother was the important one.

“I’m talking to you. I see you didn’t catch.” He stood blocking the door.

“I want to kill you. I want to empty my gun into your head, but I won’t. I’ll let you live for my mother, for all the women out in the world who had to keep going after a piece of slime like you touched them. For all my sisters who don’t know I’m their sister, you get to live. Move.”


Not this time. When he came for her, she let his weight drive him forward while she brought up her knee and landed it in his dick. He went down like he was clobbered. She stepped over him feeling like she could defeat the world.

“Mom,” she ran into the house and up the steps. Her father was waiting in front of the bedroom door.

“Your mother is dying because of you.”

“Then let’s get her to the hospital.”

“No, she will die here. When she’s dead, I’ll be free.”

“You’re already free. She divorced you six months ago, and I have the proof.”

“You lie.”

“Don’t make me kick your ass.”

Norquay came out of nowhere to step in front of her. He picked her father up and moved him. She would have spent hours thinking about that if not for her mom.

“Mom!” Red flew to her bedside.

“My baby,” I told you not to come back.

“I came for you. We’re leaving.”

“Can’t… dying.”

“Maybe, we’ll see about that, but you’re coming with me. I met a nice doctor and he’ll help you if he can.”

Red picked up her mother who clutched her coat with little strength. “Anything you want to take with you, mom? We’re not coming back.”

“Box in your bedroom and Rachel… Tabitha.”

Red looked at her and then shook her head. Norquay took her mom. She reluctantly gave her up.

“I’m calling the sheriff,” her father yelled.

“Please do, I’m begging you.” Red walked into her old bedroom. The box was sitting on the end of the bed. She finished putting in the items that were sitting next to it before she closed it carrying it out.

“That it?” Jade asked when she came out holding the box.

“This and someone named Tabitha. I don’t know where to find her.”

“Root cellar,” her mom croaked out.

“What the hell!”

“You know you’re not allowed to curse,” her father yelled.

Red barely heard him. She shoved the box into the hands of a guard then she was running. She knew all about the root cellar, it was supposed to be unused after someone died in there. It was on the edge of town. She ran not realizing she didn’t have to stop to catch her breath.

There was a woman standing there guarding the cellar with a gun.


Red came to a sliding stop. She didn’t know the woman, but she had seen her around town.

“There’s someone in that cellar. If you don’t move, they could die.”

“That girl won’t die. She’s too fat to die. When she learns her lesson and promises to go on a diet, I’ll let her out.”

“If she never learns her lesson?”

The woman shrugged. “Then she’ll be no good to me.”

“You’re here mother.”


Right, because fathers weren’t the only ones capable of being assholes.

“I’m opening that cellar with or without your blessing.”

The woman cocked her gun. Red hit the ground when the woman raised it. Em who came up behind the woman barreling into her legs. She knocked her down the shotgun went off. Red had moved by then. The shot landed in the dirt while Em took her time sitting on the woman who was now calling her names and questioning her patronage. Her screams for help were going unheeded probably due to the guards that were ringing the area.

“Can we take her with us? She makes a great chair.”

Red let Em’s voice drone in the background as she tried to break the lock.

“Let me,” Lyrek took the lock pulling on it until it gave. He opened the root cellar and jump down. “Jade.”

Jade jumped down after him telling Red not to move. Lying in the corner was a woman who liked she had been there for weeks.

“Hi, I’m Jade.” The woman was shivering it was colder being in the earth. “I’m a friend of Red’s you probably know her as Juliette. She came to get her mother. Her mother told her to come get you.

“Momma P?” the voice whispered.

“That’s her. We’re taking her to get help, would you like to go with us?”

“My mother, she won’t let me.”

“She doesn’t have a choice.”

“Can’t go they’ll kill my daughter.” A cry choked out of her. Jade leaned closer, her voice was torn and ragged.

“You have a child?”

She nodded a slight movement of her head. “Tabitha.”

“We’ll take her with us.”

She nodded it was all the consent jade needed. “My mate will bring you. Don’t worry he has a big growl, but he’s just a cuddly bear.”

There was laughter up top, Jade ignored it. “Red.”

“I’m on it.” She took off weaving through the citizens of the town that were looking at her like she was DEA come to bust them all. When she found a sympathetic gaze, she motioned to the shadows and waited for the woman to break away from the back of the pack.

“I’m looking for Tabitha.” The woman looked her over carefully before pointing to a house then melting into the shadows like she was a trained operative.

Red shook her head frowning, but let it go. She had a child to rescue. She opened the door softly. The house looked dirty like it hadn’t been cleaned in a while, but not filthy. Finding the stairs, she took them two at a time until she was on the next level. A quick peek showed her there were two bedrooms and one bathroom. She found the child lying in a double bed, probably in the room she shared with her mother.

“Tabitha?” The child woke up placing her fist in her mouth so she wouldn’t scream. “I know your mom. She sent me to get you.”

The little girl shook her head so hard that Red was sure she had a headache.

“She’s being punished.”

“We got her she’s not being punished anymore. We’re taking her with us.”

Tabitha broke put into loud noisy sobs. “Tell mom I’m sorry. I never meant to get her in trouble.” She laid back down curling her up in a ball.

“Don’t you want to tell her yourself?”

“She won’t want me. I’m bad.”

“She told me to get you, said that she won’t leave without you.”

“Really?” She sat up with a look of frightened hope on her face.

“Really, is there something here you want?”

She picked up a stuffed bear. Then she went to the closet and pulled up a section of the floor. There were a pair of shoes and two dresses she pulled out.

“I’m ready.”

Red picked her up realizing she was older than she looked.

“Let’s go find your mom.” She nodded her little head almost coming off.

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