Red stretched, she felt good, better than good. When her eyes opened, she noted that the sun was further along its track across the sky than it should be. A frown creased her lips until she remembered what happened. Norquay placed his mouth on her… She whipped her head around so fast she almost gave herself whiplash.

He was sitting with his back against the headboard a smile of pure satisfaction curving his lips. He gave off a dominant air that she admitted was sexy as hell. Why? Because she knew he was a protector, her protector.

“Your mouth,” it came out in a slightly embarrassed strangled voice.

“My fingers, my lips, and tongue. You’re so tasty, Red. I can barely wait till the next time you say yes.”

Next time? She was about to die from embarrassment. There wasn’t going to be a… hell yes, there was going to be a next time if her pussy got a vote. The desire to laugh with joy was riding her nerve endings. There was going to be a next time. Maybe she’d need that sexy underwear after all.


“I heard Teak moving around, I bet he’s making lunch.” Her cheeks flamed. When she went to get up, she realized she was naked. A goddess would get out of bed her head held high as she walked past in all her naked glory. She’d be a goddess later. A good tug had the sheet coming off, wrapping it around her she walked to the bathroom, head still held high.

His low rumble of desire as he watched her walk past was enough to turn her legs to rubber and make her pussy pulse. She couldn’t see the smile on her face, but she felt it like rainbows of happiness swimming through her veins. Whenever she saw rainbows, they would remind her of last night.



“The tree looks good,” Teak told her when she entered the kitchen.

“Thanks, it’s been a long time since I put one up. When I was small, I used to help my mom decorate the tree. It was fun.” Those were her favorite Christmas memories. Her dad was around, but he was in the background and she wasn’t old enough to understand how evil he was.

Teak made them thick hamburgers a little too pink for her but her byema seemed to like them, along with soup. She ate and laughed with her new family, that didn’t stop the ache in her heart when she thought of her mother. For a minute she envied every girl or woman whose father picked them up and treated them like a princess. She couldn’t have everything, and she had a mom she loved, now she had a male that treated her like the princess she never was.

“… to stay with a friend.”

“What?” Red blinked her eyes; she had missed part of the conversation.

“Daydreaming, Red?” Teak reached over to give her a soft rub on the head.

That’s when she realized, she was getting more than she bargained for when her life was paired with Norquay’s. She was getting a father too.

“A little.”

“I was saying that I’m going to go stay with a friend for a few days. I’ll let the two of you have the house. If you want the house permanently, I can–”

“No! I mean, family.” Her voice lowered on the last word. She felt like he was family and didn’t want him to leave. Was she asking for too much?

“What Red said;besides, I fear for you if I’m not around to make sure you don’t you know… break a bone or something.” Norquay grinned at him.

Teak rolled his eyes. He’d spent too much time around the queen.

“On that note, I am leaving, I’ll call before I come back.”

Red waited until Teak gathered whatever he needed from his room and the front door closed.

“Do you think he knows?” She looked up worry in her eyes.

“Know what? That I am a healthy male mated to my abraza and byema. I think he knows. Or do you mean does he know that every time I look at you I want to strip you naked and watch you walk? Then I think forget walking I want her on my bed so I can do things, carnal things, hot and dirty things, sweaty things to her. He knows unless he thinks I am trying to become one of the monks on your planet.”

Damn, damn, and hot damn. No one ever talked to her like that before.

“I think you have to be human to be a monk, and if you don’t, I am starting that rumor right now.”

“Turns out I don’t meet the qualifications to be a monk.”

“Not human?”

“A raging erection. Those are frowned on.”

“I could help you with that problem.”

“I’d appreciate that.”

She always thought her sex drive was low. That’s a real thing. It might be low, now that she found someone that makes her feel safe, it was probably going to ramp up a little. She slid from the chair she was sitting in and lead him to the nice chair in the living room.

Her seduction power was ten to the negative five as she fumbled with the button and zipper on his pants. He never complained. Soft words of encouragement came from him as she made her fingers act like they knew what a button and a zipper were. When she was done, she let his pants dropped before moaning at the sight of his sexy boxer briefs. How the heck did he manage to tuck all that in there?

Someone with the ability to reason could have solved that problem. Her hands pulled down his briefs until they fell down his legs. He stepped out, and she pushed him into the chair. Either she was stronger than she thought, or he wanted this too.

No attacking his cock, she chided herself. Attacking delicious looking hard cocks is frowned upon. Make sure you kiss him first. Wasn’t that in some manual? She thought it was in sex kittens from space. Human males must be kissed before you greedily devoured their cock. Maybe all her viewing material wasn’t rated G.

Leaning over she kissed him, determined to be the aggressor this time. “Yummy, male,” a growl rolled out of her as she deepened the kiss.

How was it possible for the innocent press of mouth against mouth to go to your head? She didn’t know, but it went to hers. Her hands trailed down his neck watching as his breath caught to the slide of her fingers. She felt powerful, like he belonged to her, giving him pleasure held more power than the cock of her gun. Who knew?

She stopped to explore his shoulders they were magnificent. She loved how broad he was while still being trim. There was something about him that said both power and authority. Of course, he could turn into a half-ton killing machine. Yeah, that said scary death machine, but it was still hot.

Her hands traveled until she finally found what she wanted. She hit her knees a little harder than recommended. She might be a tad excited.  Her fingers traveled over his defined muscles as she licked her suddenly dry lips. It looked so easy, now that his thick, large, and very hard cock was in front of her she felt a little insecure.

His hand went to her hair stroking it before his fingers traveled down the side of her face, then under her chin tilting her head up.

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. I’ll love anything you do.”

He was sincere, no matter how bad her attempt at being a femme fatale was he would love it. She threw all her fantasies of being the badest bitch in the room out the window. If he didn’t like her for her, then it didn’t matter.

Her tongue came out, and she swiped over the head of his cock. If he was going to throw her away, she wanted that memory. A slight hiss came from him making her think she might have done something right. She wrapped her hand around his cock conscious of the fact that it didn’t close. That was a scary reality, he was big. How was it supposed to fit in her teeny, tiny hole?

His cock throbbed in her hand. She moved it up and down without realizing it. The skin was warm and silky, his cock was like an iron rod underneath the skin. Her tongue licked her lips again before she ran it over the head of his cock. A moan left her, he tasted good. A combination of hot salt with a hint of alieness thrown in.

Her descriptions weren’t worth thinking about, so she opened her mouth and took the head of his cock in. Oh, she could die now. This was a little like heaven, it had to be. She sucked and he thrust.  Did he think she tasted as good as he tasted? She took more in. Spit was there. Was slobber supposed to be everywhere?

Drawing back she found beads of pre-cum on the head. She licked it up, a groan coming from deep within left her lips. Quickly, she took more in her mouth. Too much she was choking.

“Take your time, love.” He backed off. Her head came up gasping for breath. “Easy, I’m not going anywhere. We have a lifetime to love each other.”

A lifetime, could she ask for more than that?

She took more time, allowing her tongue to circle his head. She took his taste in analyzing it in case it changed from place to place. When she took him into her mouth again, she was more restrained. No more choking herself as her other hand went to play with his balls. She wanted to take him deeper but worked on her sucking instead.  Hell, her cheeks were already hurting, but she didn’t care. There was a desire that unfurled in her stomach that said she had to know what it was like to feel his cum in her mouth. She wanted to know how good it felt to meet his needs, the way he had met hers for over a year.

Then there was that toe-curling orgasm he gave her last night. She kept sucking and slurping. No one was going to call her a pro, but she was enjoying herself.

The grip he had on her hair tightened. His hand went around hers pressing and showing her how his cock liked to be treated. She went faster to match the rhythm he was setting. When a deep growl came from him as his hips thrust faster, she knew he liked it. She clung to him like he was a bull and she was trying to get the longest time on his back. He bucked and she would have laughed if her mouth wasn’t full of cock.

She felt the jerk in his cock before he growled, and his seed filled her mouth. She swallowed messily feeling it run down the side of her mouth and her chin. Cum, she decided as her head went to his thigh to rest, was an acquired taste. She was willing to acquire that taste for him.

“That was… more than I ever hoped for.” His fingers carded through her hair as peace settled in his soul.

“It was good?”

“It was beyond good, love. You didn’t have to.”

“I know, I wanted to. I’ll want to again. Just so you know.”

He stroked her hair some more before helping her up. They went to sit on the couch. She almost wanted to laugh because he was naked, and she was still fully clothed.

“You should take off your clothes.”


“So, when Teak says whose naked ass print is on the couch, we can both look at him as if he’s crazy.”

“I think you are trying to get me into trouble with you.”

“Think of all the fun we can have.”

He was starting to rise to the occasion. She gave a put-upon sigh, so he would know she was only willing to do this to protect him. The sparkle in his eyes said that she wasn’t fooling him.

So, yeah, she’d be a fool to say no to her male. Her clothes came off quickly. A small growl came from her when he pulled her down to his lap.

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