Byema-Red stretched out in front of the fire enjoying the warmth while she took in the scent of her mate. She was lying with a good amount of space between her and Byema-Norquay. The desire to get closer made her want to inch up on him.

Red was berating herself saying it was stupid for her to feel fear. Byema-Red knew differently. Just because the hand that was holding you hadn’t reached out to hurt you didn’t mean it wouldn’t. She respected Red and her fears. Her mate had given her knowledge with his bite that the young Red would have to take years to acquire on her own. Byema-Red wouldn’t stop her from acquiring that knowledge, however, she would give her a gentle push when needed.

“No two people get over abuse or trauma the same way. You can’t look at someone else and say your timetable should correspond to theirs. When you’re ready you move on. Until then, you do what it takes to make you ready. That may mean grieving more or sitting in front of the television with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.”

“Do they come in the half-gallon?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never been to the store I picked the name out of your memories.”

“I’m really more of a chocolate mint kind of woman myself.”

“Red what are you going?”

“You’re jabbering, I’m inching closer to Byema-Norquay.”

Byema-red shook her head. Good thing Red saw them as equal partners in both their humanoid shape and their byema shape. They watched byema-Norquay, the male was powerful. He laid there with his head on his paws. He opened one eye watching them approach before he closed it.

His head turned paying them no attention. They sighed with relief as they got closer. When they were finally, there they head-butted him wondering what he would do. He turned on his back, head facing them as he watched. His underside was exposed. They could tear at him, make him bleed, maybe even injure him fatally.

Byema-red approached him cautiously rubbing her cheek against his belly before she backed away. Shaking she rolled over and exposed her belly. Submission was not in her wheelhouse, but she needed to acknowledge who they were to them. Byema-Norquay approached, she had no doubt if he wanted to hurt her it would happen. With a move of his head, they acknowledged them taking their submission while giving them a vow of protection. His head-butted hers. She turned over knowing that she had the heart of her male. Now she needed to wait for Red to figure out how the humanoid felt about her.

Byema-Norquay laid with her. Together they enjoyed the fire as they snuggled together.


Red stretched realizing she was in her humanoid form. When her eyes opened Norquay’s bedroom greeted her. The male himself was staring at her when she turned her head.

“I fell asleep?”

“You did. When you shifted, I brought you to bed.”


“For what? You were tired. That was expected after all you have gone through.”

She nodded before looking down at the shirt she was in. It was another one that belonged to Norquay. She could get used to this.

“Don’t move.” She got out of bed and walked fast to the bathroom. After brushing her teeth and relieving herself she climbed back onto the bed.

Moving slowly, she tried out different sexy positions she’d seen advertised as well as in movies and on television. None of them seemed to be inspiring him.

“Are you alright? You’re moving around a lot.”

Was he being deliberately dense? She tried some pose that had her hands over her head while her breasts were stuck up in the air and her behind was supposed to be round and supported by the mattress while her legs looked miles long.

His laughter stopped her. To her surprise, she wasn’t horrified. Whoever came up with that unflattering pose must have been the size of Twiggy.

“Are you ill? Should I call Rial?”

She sat up. “You’re a historian, you’re supposed to be smart.” Then she jumped on him. His arms wrapped around her.

“I always like my history straight forward, no chaser.” His voice rolled out of him smoother than her drink. It hit her in the stomach and worked its way down to her pussy.

Did she need a shower? Didn’t people always shower before sex or was that after? Maybe it was both. How was she supposed to do this, she didn’t know the basics?

“You’re thinking too hard.”

“I am?”

“You are.” He went to her shoulder sucking up a small love bite before he went to her lips. He claimed them lying waste to any defense she was thinking of mounting. She wanted this. It was saying what she wanted that caused her to think twice. Admitting she wanted Norquay to be in her felt like the sin her father always preached about. It took a lot, but she locked that part of her mind down.

He leaned over her licking her lips until she opened on a sigh. Kissing him felt like breathing him in. They were becoming a part of each other. It was something she didn’t know to dream about. This felt like a revelation someone should have told her about in advance. Her hands snaked around him clutching on to his shoulders. Her fingers twitched, then trembled slightly at the thought that he would stop.

His tongue delved deep into her mouth making her gasp even as she chased his kiss. She could kiss him forever and be happy. When he pulled back, she took deep breaths of air. She felt light-headed, a little dizzy.

“Again,” she whispered before attacking his lips. He let her lead, explore, kiss him until her thoughts were spinning in dizzy circles of color. Her heart was racing, and her pulse did a dance that was as intricate as the tango.

“I never knew a kiss could be like this.”

“With you, it’s perfect. We can stop or slow it down.”

Didn’t he want her? Had she waited too long and now he wasn’t into her. Was it her lack of experience? What was wrong? He sat at her door for a year, he told her about his life. Those weren’t the things you did for someone you weren’t interested in. she shifted her body a little. Even she knew there was a very real way to gauge interest. He was interested. What was wrong?

“Norquay?” She tried but couldn’t hide the confusion, and the hurt in her eyes.

“You’re so beautiful Red. I don’t want to take, to greedily reach out and demand what doesn’t belong to me. I can’t hurt you it would be like hurting myself.”

“Don’t take, receive what I freely give to you. I’ve never wanted anyone. I’ve walked by guys and thought he’s cute, or he’s hot. They were all a blip, a nice advertisement on the road, but not one I was willing to pull over for. You’re the only one I have wanted to get close to. I wanted to know you from the moment I met you. I still want to know you, but I also want to touch you.” She only wanted it if that was what he wanted.

“I want to touch you.” His hand caressed down the column of her neck. “All you have to say is stop. I will stop and wait for your next command.”

“I thought the word was red.” She kissed the base of his neck.

“I think the word red will cause us problems, Red.” She giggled, liking the lightness of his voice.

“The word is stop I can do that.” Her fingers were traveling over his shoulder. She wanted to feel them without the tee he was wearing.

He blew out a breath and traced the column of her neck down until he came to the shirt she was wearing. She held her breath as he traced around the scoop neck before his fingers slid underneath touching the top of her breasts.

“Beautiful,” his breath caressed her.

She reached down catching the hem of her shirt, it needed to come off. His fingers tangled with hers before she let go. He pulled her shirt up, his shirt that she was sleeping in. He kissed her skin inch by inch as he revealed it.

What was this? His feather-light kisses to her skin were setting of little bombs of joy. She might have endured if the bombs didn’t explode and all the little tingles start to connect. Were bodies supposed to feel this good? Her breathing came a little faster as she tried to figure out what was happening. She always thought of her body as more of a dead zone. There were people, who were meant to feel pleasure. You could see it in their smiles, hear it in their voices. Then there was her. She was meant to work hard, get the job done, that was always her motto. Now tiny buds of pleasure were lighting her up like fireflies in the summer nights.

When he lifted the shirt enough to show her hard nipples, her breath caught. What would he do? His lips lowered to the side of one breast kissing it before he went to the side of her other breast and placed a kiss on it. Then he pulled the shirt over her head leaving her bare.

“You’re beautiful, but I always knew that.”

Her heart was racing. He was looking directly into her eyes. She knew he meant her body, but there was more than that in his words.

“Inside and out, Red, you’re beautiful.” She worked hard to catch her breath. “What’s the word, love?”

Love? She would think about that later. What was the word?

“Go.” It came out loud, proud, and strong. She wanted him this way.

His fingers traced the tops of her breasts while watching her. She kept her eyes open wanting him to see her pleasure. He looked down before his fingers traced the shape of one her breasts. His hand hovered over her nipple before he changed his mind and his tongue darted out to lick around it.

Holy… was it supposed to feel like this? There was a gush of liquid, making her pussy wet. She couldn’t feel embarrassed. The pleasure singing through her body felt too good for her to want it to stop. Her world stopped when his thumb rubbed over her nipple. It never felt that way when she did it.

“Norquay, please.” Throaty little sounds of need escaped her before he took her nipple into his mouth. Then nothing came out but a soft keening noise. Her hand went to the back of his head pressing him closer to keep him there. His hand found her other nipple playing with it.

They never taught this in sex ed., but they should have. She was moving on the bed unable to stay in one place. When he took her other nipple into his mouth, she was sure that what she would see next was heaven’s pearly gates. Until this very moment she was on the fence about heaven, now she knew it existed. Only a loving God could ordain this type of pleasure.

Her nipple came from his mouth with a pop, the sound making her want him more. His hands moved over her cataloging her desires, needs, and weaknesses. She wanted to touch to explore, but all she could do was feel.

When his hand went over her ribs and down her abdomen, her breath caught waiting for his words of disdain. Another voice was in her head telling her that she was worthless.

His hand stops lying gently against the swell of her stomach. She waited eyes closed tightly. He never moved, her breathing calmed. Reluctantly, she opened her eyes to look at him.

“Where are you?” His voice was soft with a commanding edge to it. She found herself responding.

Where was she? She was on the ground being kicked. Memories of hatred were assailing her. For her to be well she had to go through and not around.

“I was lost in the past. Memories assailed me even during the pleasure you gave me.”

“Thank you.”

What was he thanking her for?

“For being honest,” byema-Red told her. “For not pretending you still don’t feel the pain, and for not acting like that experience and those words didn’t place a mark upon your life and soul.”


“Don’t stop, please. I need your hands on me, I want to remember that I am desirable to you. I don’t want to live my life in fear. Need you, want you.”

“I want and need you to.” His lips traced her again bringing her out of her memories and back to the passion he stirred within her. He blew his breath over her belly button before his fingers played with it. She laughed as she squirmed on the bed.

He looked up and she could see his joy, the satisfaction he was getting from the sound of her laughter. It eased her, made her want to feel his mouth on her.

He sucked up little patches of her skin making her twist with desire as his hands snaked downward until his fingers were tangled in the hair of her pussy. There was a soft tug before her body convulsed.

“That’s it, love, nice and gentle.” His fingers teased her slit, allowing her to get acquainted with the feel of someone other than her touching such an intimate spot. “I love this spot right here.” His fingers flicked over her clit.

Her hips canted up while her breath caught before coming out in a high keening song.

“Sing for me, love.” He took her clit into his mouth.

She was going to die from pleasure overload. It was a thing. Why had no one warned her? This is why they preached dominating a woman. If ever she felt this, she would expect that world. A man who could do this should treat his woman like the queen she was.

“Please Norway… stop… no, don’t stop. Is this forbidden? What… what are you doing to me? Norquay…” Her words died down to sounds mixed with a few incoherent phrases. Her head moved back and forth as her body thrust towards him begging for something she never felt before. She needed it like rain for the parched land or air for her starving lungs. There was rainbow haze just out of reach. She strained to touch it; it would be everything if only…

His finger first one then another breached her pussy, slowly pushing forward before he took her clit into his mouth again. This was too much she felt the ball of pleasure as it finally broke through her defenses and swamped her. The rainbow of color swallowed her up, and she screamed. Who knew screams could come with pleasure? Who knew? She rode the rainbow as it took her on a journey of discovery until she felt finally felt faint enough to slide into the darkness.

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