Red smiled when she woke up to Norquay’s fingers playing up and down her spine. Now that she knew what it was like to make love to Norquay she wanted it more than she thought was healthy. Not that she allowed that thought to stand in her way. She had years to make up for.

“It’s too early, even for sex.” One eye opened to confirm it was still too dark outside.

“Your right, go back to sleep.”

She peeped at him using both eyes this time. There was laughter in his voice which meant he was up to something.


“Nothing, I was just wondering if Santa came and how much longer Tabitha would sleep.”

“There’s no such thing as… OMG! It’s Christmas.” How could she forget that? Her byema gave her the evil eye before placing one massive paw over her eyes. Should she get up and dance around or make love to Norquay? Oh! What if she danced around on his thick cock? She could be on top. After she licked it like a candy cane should be licked.

“Sugarplum, I think I should give you your first present. She took her nightgown off then ran her fingers down this torso until she got to her own private candy cane. She needed to taste that.





“Hurry up,” Norquay stuck his head into the bathroom. “The house is waking up.”

Red finished her shower then put on her Disney pajamas because Little Mermaid. Then she found a robe and hurried downstairs in time to watch the queen and king come in both dressed in their pajamas. Then Em and Jaydel followed them in.

“Next year everyone is sleeping at the palace. Traveling on Christmas morning was never my idea of fun.”

Teak walked in and made sure Peaches was settled on the couch before he went to make coffee.

“Coffee or Coffee and Rum?” More than one voice requested rum. Red settled for coffee her stomach was a bit off.

Rycal brought Bella and Tabitha down after Teak was done giving out mugs of coffee.

“Such a pretty tree,” Tabitha’s voice was filled with the magic of Christmas.

“Tabitha, do you want to look under the tree to see if there’s anything for you?”

She shook her head to Red’s words. “Santa only brings presents to good girls and boys. I’m bad, I was born bad.” Tabitha broke down in tears. “Mommy makes me presents, she says I’m not bad, but grandma makes sure I know how bad I am. Only mommy gets me presents.”

“Lyre would you go open the present standing by the wall?” Jade asked her.

Lyre looked at her mother who nodded. Cautiously she approached the brightly wrapped present carefully taking the wrapping paper off. Standing before her was a pink three-speed bike with purple racing stripes.

She looked around eyes wide tears flowing.

“Your mom said it was alright for Lyrek and me to get you the bike,” Jade told her.

Lyre ran to her mom jumping into her arms kissing her. “Thank you, mommy, thank you. Can I hug them too?” Her voice was soft as she asked.

“You can.”

She approached cautiously, scared though they never harmed her. She bent over hugging Jade. Lyrek leaned over hugging them.

“Thank you,” her voice was a little above a whisper, but the gratitude was easy to hear.

“You have other presents under the tree. Why don’t you see if you can find them?” Red’s voice was wet like she was talking underwater.

Lyre dug under the tree pulling her presents out but not opening them. “I never got presents before. Can I wait and open them up later? One every new day?”

“You can, that sounds like an excellent idea,” Red told her.

“Why don’t we go make Christmas breakfast and then start on our big dinner.” Teak gave them all a smile that didn’t reach his eyes. “Tabitha, where are you going?”

“Back to my room. I’m not allowed to eat on holidays. Only piggy girls eat then.”

“I’m going to kill her.” Bella bent over gasping for breath. “She promised… she promised.” The anguish in her voice had everyone in the room twitching trying to calm their byema’s that wanted to kill for the female in pain.

Bella opened her arms and Tabitha ran into them. “Don’t cry mommy, I’ll be good. They won’t hurt you if I’m good.”

“New rule, everyone eats every day no matter what day it is,” Rycal declared.

“As king I declare the ruled passed,” Lyrek said.

“It’s upheld by the queen.”

“And consented to by the council,” Jaydel and Em said in perfect union.

“Done,” Norquay said herding everyone into the kitchen. They ate and laughed then went home to put on real clothes as Red helped Teak with their dinner.

“What do you think, Teak?” Red was sautéing the vegetables for the stuffing.

“I think you and your world are good for our people. Also, no matter what world you come from there is always something wrong. The grass is only greener on the other side until you get to that side.”

“Good point. Sometimes that green grass is nothing but AstroTurf.”

“A simulated surface upon which to play a high-risk game.”

“That’s one way to put it. There are so many humans in your house now.”

“There is, there is also laughter and love, mixed in with pain and torment. The house is alive. Red, I wouldn’t trade the wonderful vibrancy of having you here or the depth of emotion in your green eyes. I couldn’t give you enough to thank you for the way my son has come alive. I treasure every look in your mother’s eyes and I cling to the tiny smiles I get from Bella and Tabitha. Yes, you have all seen pain, but it makes you resilient and I for one enjoy allowing that resilience and joy to flow around me.”

“You always make me feel like I’m more than I think. Thank you.”

“Your welcome.”

“So,” she dropped the word casually. “You like my mother?”

“Did you hear that? I believe Norquay is calling you.”

“We will continue this discussion.” She poured her vegetables into a colander to drain before washing her hands and leaving the kitchen. The gleam in Teak’s eyes made her chuckle.

“You know Teak is interested in my mother,” Red said when she came into the bedroom.

“Does that bother you?”

“Not until I remember Teak is a male that hasn’t had sex in more years than I’ve been alive.”

“Why does that bother you?”

“Did you really ask that? She’s my mother, Norquay. Parents are not supposed to have sex when their child is old enough to understand what sex is. It’s like a thing, ask anyone. Besides, she’s old. Why would she want sex? I’m sure she wasn’t giving it up to my dad. Thanks, now I’m sick.” Hell, she really was sick. She made it to the toilet just in time to throw up.

“This is your fault,” she told Norquay once her teeth were brushed and her face was washed. “Oh, mother of God.”

“What did I do now?”

“Not you, my overly dramatic byema. She’s on her side with her paws protecting her stomach like someone would want to hurt her. It was just throw up, it happens.”

“Perhaps Rial should take a look at you.”

“It’s Christmas, no one is looking at me. I’m going to the couch to watch the pretty lights until I feel like helping Teak cook.”

“I’ll come with; we’ll talk about what happened when you went Christmas hopping.”

“Darn Em, she knows better! Sisters before misters.” Norquay laughed as he followed her out of the room.


Red glared at Em when she came back over.

“Don’t look at me that way. He had to know, and you know it. If it were me, you would have told.”

“Just to keep you safe. I don’t need anyone to keep me safe.”

“Yes, you’re an island.” Em rolled her eyes and picked up one of the chocolate chip cookies on the table. “Teak is a freaking genius in the kitchen.” Em devoured another cookie. “I want a Teak, get to work on Jaydel. It’s unfair that your abraza came with a Teak,” Em whined.

Red grinned before she played up all the dishes among other things Teak did around their home.

“Sounds like my kind of man.” Peaches walked into the room slowly.

“Why do I bother treating anyone when they go against my advice? I don’t give advice because I like the sound of my voice.”

“I’m pretty sure you do like the sound of your voice,” Jade told him.

He grumbled before pulling a handheld device out scanning it over Peaches to make sure she was strong enough to be up.

“How am I?”

“You’re going to live. Yeah, even I am amazed at my skills.”

Red rolled her eyes before getting up and snuggling next to her mother. “Mom,” she whispered. “At what age do people stop having sex?”

“Red,” her mother carded her hand through her hair. “I always thought the perfect time to stop having sex was when you die. Hard to feel it on the other side of the veil.”

“I worry about you, mother.” Peaches gave her first laugh that rang high, true, and pain-free.

Red decided talking about sex with her mother was worth it as long as she continued to laugh like that. One look at Teak showed he was staring at her mother. She gave him the evil eye, just because.

“Does anyone else feel cold, like the temperature lowered?” Teak gave a convincing shudder. I think I felt a pair of size nine’s walking over my grave.

Red giggled, she loved her father-in-law. Wouldn’t that be incest if he got with her mom? She’d have to think about it later. Now she was hungry.

“Dinners ready, let’s eat,” Teak told them a few hours later.

This was the best Christmas ever. Red looked around the table which was filled with old and new friends. Life could take so much from you, but when it gave, it gave abundantly.

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