“What happens next?” Red was snuggled against Norquay’s chest. That didn’t stop the thoughts that were running through her mind. Someone was after them. That wasn’t much of a shock. They knew that from their friendly shopping trip. The fact that whoever it was had gotten this close to home, was a shock. It felt like realizing the murderer was inside the locked house.

“I don’t know. What I want to know is what happens next with us.”

That was a good question they had done everything except that thing. Her cheeks heated, but oddly she was okay with blushing in front of him. When your guy went down on you like you were the newest, hottest dish in town, there wasn’t any room for embarrassment.

She leveraged herself up just enough that she could whisper in his ear. “I’m ready.” She hadn’t realized what he was waiting for until now. It felt like she was ready when they first started playing around, but trust was a tricky thing. Once someone had violated it, it didn’t automatically come one line, no matter who was at the other end of it. He seemed to have a better handle on that than she did.

He took his finger, the one that often gave her so much pleasure, but in turn, made her pant with need, it slid down the side of her face and neck until it played with her pulse point. Norquay just rubbing across her pulse point made her want to howl. It was the look in those eyes that went closer to midnight blue. The stars behind them showing the darkness of space. When he got that look he was planning a coup that would leave her panting and begging for more.

“We should—” His finger went to her mouth to cut her off. She should lay back and enjoy the touch of her male, her abraza, the one she loved. Against all odds, she loved him. If anyone would have mentioned the word love as she dragged herself over the frozen ground to her car, she would have spit out venomous curse words and hoped the venom and the curse cut them in half like a dagger finding its mark. How was she supposed to know that there was life on the other end of emotional and mental death? She didn’t, society didn’t preach that. Even with the #metoo movement, there was still so much to be learned and understood.

“Come back to me, Red.” His lips were a breath away from her pulse point when her eyes flicked up to see him. She was in love with him. It pushed all other thoughts away.

“I want to make love to you tonight, Red.”

“I want that.” She shivered, being made love to by him would be the ultimate pleasure. Her eyes closed, she didn’t want him to see the tears that shimmered there. They weren’t because she was afraid. It was because the dream she refused to ever indulge in was coming true with her abraza.

“I… I love you.” He had to know. She couldn’t let herself be totally free if she was harboring those words inside her heart. There was a slight fear that when he heard how she felt he would leave.

“Not as much as I love you.”

She should have known he wouldn’t let her suffer in fear. He loved her. Her poor heart may never be the same.

“I love you more,” she whispered.

“Do not.” Then he began tickling her, making her laugh as he proclaimed his love. The galaxies he declared weren’t big enough to contain how he felt about her.

She loved and was loved. Full stop. Period. It was everything she wanted. “Make love to me.”

“Gladly.” This time his kiss devoured her. She arched into it needing it as badly as she needed air to breathe.

Mine was the refrain her blood rushed to and the melody her heart beat out. He was hers.

He pulled the nightgown she was wearing up and over her head leaving her bare and vulnerable. His heated gaze devoured her. Everywhere his eyes touched, she felt like she caught fire. Soon she was going to burn until there was nothing left, but a pile of ashes.

“If you burn, I’ll burn with you.” His voice was thick with passion. He sounded like a wet dream. She wanted to indulge.

“Please, Norquay, don’t make me wait.” He gave a truly evil laugh before he flipped her over to her stomach. He straddled her sitting lightly on her ass. His magic fingers began to massage her shoulders and then slowly down her back.

She was melting into a puddle of turned on goo. Every touch stroked her libido making her needier for him. Every sexy sound from his lips stroked her exposed nerves. She wanted and needed. All he did was flame the fire already glowing hot in her belly. When his hands reached the small of her back and he took his thumbs and dug deep, she almost came. Her mind was floating while the rest of her body demanded a release.

“Not yet, love.” He slid down so he could smack her ass.

She groaned then smiled. One day it would be her turn to take him so high that he was holding on by his nails alone. He massaged her ass and then down her legs until he reached her feet. His magic fingers once again went to work until she was so blissed out, she had no idea what was happening. Any residential fear or fright she might have had was gone with the way her body was relaxed.

He turned her over, the smile on his face was sensual and filled with love. Her heart felt like it was growing in her chest trying to accommodate the love he was giving her. This time he kissed down her body. When he reached her chest, he stopped to give each breast the attention it deserved. He nipped, nibbled, and licked until she thought she might go out of her mind with pleasure. Then he took a nipple into his mouth.

She floated in the pleasure of his mouth drawing on her nipple. Tingles of lust ran through her echoed by thoughts of rightness. Her hand went to his hair never wanting him to stop. When he changed nipples, she felt a flood of wetness leave her. A melody she never heard before made its way through her body as she thought of him taking her becoming one with her for the rest of their lives.

This, she could live in these moments with him forever never having to surface or deal with the world again.

“Stay with me, love.” His voice and words reeled her in from her free float.

“I’m here. What you do to me is amazing. I love the way you love me.”

“You’re so easy to love.”

“Huh, you’re the only one who feels that way.” Except maybe her mother, but she wasn’t going to bring her up during sexy time.

“I’m the only one that matters.” Oh, he was good. He knew exactly what to say.

She loved the way his hands stroked her taking her to the next level without allowing her the release she craved. When he finally reached her needy clit, she thrust up looking for the pressure of his fingers stroking her, squeezing her.

“Invite me inside,” his warm breath lingered over her pussy. His thick cock rubbed along her thigh.

She wanted him inside of her, claiming her, making her feel what only he had to give.

“Please.” It came out as a whimper. She wanted and needed this.

“My love.” His finger dragged over her slit making her hiss before he went to his knees. Leaning down his cock followed the same path as his finger. The head was so much bigger. She wanted him inside of her now.

He played with her dragging his cock through the wetness that was spilling out of her. She was so close, every time she thought she was there, he moved back calmed her down, before taking her to the edge again. Later she might appreciate this, but now she wanted release.

Then she felt the head of his cock breach her. Her breath was held in her throat as she waited. When he didn’t move, just hovered over her she choked on a cough remembering to breathe. When he stayed still, she thrust up taking him in bit by bit until she grew frustrated with need.

“Move damnit!”

A deep chuckle erupted as she steadily thrust until there was nothing except his skin on hers, his cock embedded deep within her pussy. What had she been scared about? He was hers, her abraza, the love of her life.

“If you don’t move, I’m going to skin you and use your fur as a rug.” His deep laugh filled the room followed by her moan as he gave her a full stroke.

“Hell yeah.” She locked her ankles behind his back and began thrusting with him. She wanted to do this forever. Sweat trickled down her face and between her breasts and she encouraged it as the rhythm picked up. She clung to him not wanting him to leave her behind as she tried to keep pace with him.

“There… wherever there was. Please, I need you to hit that spot aga— oh my, God. Yes, yes hell, yes.” She was coming apart. There was wave after wave of bliss taking her apart before putting her back together. This couldn’t be real, could it? There was no way that this simple act could make her feel like the queen of the universe, his queen, but it did.

They were free-falling through space together. She was clutched against him as he was clutching her close.

“I want to feel you fill me up with your seed.” It was a whisper, but a sharp reminder of what she needed. His pace quickened as she held on for dear life. With each stroke he got closer, and she went higher. When he finally broke a howl filled the room. The last lingering holdout of her orgasm hit her taking her under. They shook together as growls, howls and screams of pleasure left them.

This is what they never wanted her to experience. The rightness of coming together physically with the one who held the other part of your soul. Tears seeped out as she realized that when it came to souls, there was no color requirement, no gender requirement, there wasn’t even a nationality requirement. It was all about the person the missing half of your soul ended up in.

She was blessed that her abraza traveled the galaxy to find her.

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