This is a restricted story for those who are 18 or older. Please do not advance if you are younger than 18.



This book is dedicated to my daughter, and the millions out there like her who know strength is forged in pain, and they choose to go on anyway.

Trigger Warnings:

This book has an on-page rape. Blink and you will miss it. It is only there because it is essential to the story. It is not graphic. This author would like to stress that any sex that is non-consensual is no such thing as it is alright because she wasn’t given a chance to say no. If she is drunk it is rape. If she is your life partner or your fated mate and she does not say yes willingly it is rape. I do not condone rape it is a part of life one that I am not always able to avoid.  My characters have their own story to tell. There is also some violence. The rape is in the first chapter. If you choose to read this focus on what Red focused on, becoming stronger.

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